12 Reasons I’m Thankful For The Strongest Woman In My Life – My Mom

12 Reasons I'm Thankful For The Strongest Woman In My Life - My Mom

Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself.

There have been so many instances during my first year of college where I’ve thought, “Shoot, what do I do? Better call Mom.” Or, better yet, where my friends and I have been stuck in a tough situation and we’ll say to each other, “I don’t know… you should call your mom.” To put it simply, there isn’t a day that I’m not thankful to have a strong woman like my mother back home supporting me, whether it’s in advice about my outfit, how to improve my academics, where to go with my future, or simply how to take a deep breath when I’m stressed- and that alone seems impossible. So to my mom, since it’s your birthday week, here are 12 reasons why I’m thankful to have been raised by a strong, courageous, and inspiring woman like you.

1. You’ve always been my mom first and my best friend second.

I have been incredibly lucky to have you as those two people in one, and I can’t tell you how influential it has been for me to have a role model and leader in my life like you who is also able to understand my worries and comfort me at the end of the day. You are the best guide I have in growing up and pursuing my goals and I am thankful for your role in my life in that capacity.

2. You’ve taught me that in the toughest of situations, when I feel like I’ve reached a point of failure or no victory, that wallowing in that feeling and feeling bad for myself won’t get me anywhere.

When I see you work hard and remind myself of all of the times you’ve gotten back up or continued to work hard when it was difficult, I’m reminded that I can’t feel bad for myself if I want to get anywhere. This is one of the most important lessons you’ve taught me.

3. You’ve reminded me that saying sorry for things that don’t warrant an apology or for things that were out of my control is useless and isn’t strong.

Through this, you’ve empowered me to think for myself and not apologize for everything, something that I think ever woman needs to remind herself of.

4. You have always told me growing up to remember who I am.

That phrase was something that kept me grounded and is now my mantra, and I use it whenever I’m in a new situation or facing a challenge. You’ve taught me through this reminder to stay true to whatever it is I want, what my goals are, and my values. Not only have you taught me to be the best version of myself, but to never stray from that even if the going gets tough or others do.

5. When I’m stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, or having the worst day, you never fail to remind me to take care of ME first.

You encourage me to do what I need to do to achieve success in school and my sport all while making certain that I get to sleep, get a meal, or that I’m keeping my mental health in check. You always know when this reminder is needed and when I should just go to bed and stop my worrying.

6. You’ve been there for every single one of my milestones, which means more to me than you know.

I think it seems expected that parents would be, but the way you remember all of my big moments and care to be excited about them when I am makes them all the more special. Even if it isn’t a huge deal, like a good rowing practice that I was proud of or a good grade on a quiz, you celebrate just like I do and that makes the little victories even more exciting for me. I am so thankful to have a cheerleader in you who has been there since the very beginning.

7. Every question I have seems to have an answer, and I ask so many of them.

You know what to do when it comes to literally anything, from relationships to school and everything in between. I can ask you anything and get an answer I trust and have faith in. The toughest questions I’ve encountered in my life are easier to ponder and figure out with your guidance.

8. Your advice is the best in the world, and you seem to understand exactly what guidance I need at any moment.

At my worst, you know how to comfort me and help me find a way out of a tough situation. And at my best, you know how to keep me grounded all while guiding me and helping me to achieve my goals. Your advice when I need it has helped me to overcome obstacles and pursue my passions, so I am very thankful for you.

9. I can always count on you to know me better than I know myself and to be able to see the truth that I need to see, in any situation, better than I can.

You’ll always tell me how things are and what you see in the truth of a situation, and even if that is hard for my to swallow, I can count on you to be the most honest and trusted opinion in my life.

10. You’ve taught me to stand up for myself because you’ve stood up for me.

You’ve taught me to speak up because you’ve spoken up for yourself and for me. Most of all, you’ve taught me the importance of knowing how valid my thoughts and feelings are and how I have the right to stand up and speak up for them, something that has been so valuable for me and has motivated me in more ways than I can count. I have a phenomenal role model in you because of how strong you are in speaking up for yourself and others.

11. From you, I have witnessed and understood what it means to be a good friend because you are to so many people.

I’ve grown to understand who I want in my life and who I don’t because of how you have shown me what the best friendships are like, and I’ve also learned to be the best possible friend because of the role model I have in you. The way you treat people and take care of them always inspires me.

12. Most of all, you always know what I truly want, yearn for, and deserve better than I can comprehend those things myself.

Sometimes I’m not thinking clearly and sometimes I can’t understand what will be the best for me. Even when it gets frustrating, you’re there to steer me in the right direction and tell me what I should do and what is best for me. You know me better than I know myself a lot of the time, and for that I’m always thankful.

Thank you for being my biggest role model, supporter, and motivator, Mom. I don’t know what I would do without you.

by Sophia Holbrook (I’m a new writer with the Odyssey and I’m excited to start attending SDSU in the Fall of 2016- I’ll be a student athlete rowing for State as well.)

Also appeared in theodysseyonline.com


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Goodhealthify is a great platform to share ideas to positively impact your heart, mind, body and soul. Start sharing now...

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