Costly Mistakes You Are Making on Tinder (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)

Costly Mistakes You Are Making on Tinder (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)Whether you’re in for the long haul or just a quick fling, Tinder seems to be taking over in the dating world. Here are the most common mistakes you may be making while cruising Tinder, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Put Your Junk on Ice for Once

Those saucy one-liners may seem like a great idea to use on Tinder, but others can see it as inappropriate ‘first message’ etiquette. Calm down a bit, and you’ll surely see more action in your dating life.

Taurus – Sharing Everything, Even the Mundane

Yes, Taurus, we get it, you do exciting things and post all about it on Tinder for the world to see. Take a chill pill and stop throwing every…single…moment in our faces. Let us see the real you, if only for a little bit.

Gemini – Too Many Childish Shenanigans

Your energy is both a blessing and a curse on Tinder. You continuously post about all of your activities, which then begins to overshadow your personality leaving everyone else in the dark.

Cancer – Stage 5 Clinger

Your compassionate and caring nature can come off as smothering to the rest of us on Tinder. Do you best to avoid this kind of behavior by toning it down, no matter how hard it is to do so, an immediate clingy response is a complete turn-off.

Leo – You Put the “I” in Pride, Ugh

You may see it as merely being you, but that’s your ego taking over! Leos tend to show off and boast about their pride to the degree that becomes off-putting to onlookers using Tinder. You need to take it down a notch and remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Virgo – Reserved and Quiet Equals Snooze-fest

The traits that make you, also break you. You are loyal and reserved, but when it comes to your Tinder behavior, you tend to overdo it. Others are kinda bored with your silent rapport and tend to ignore your bland advances completely.

Libra – Suspiciously Well-Balanced

A Libra represents the very entity of balance but, on sites like Tinder, they can come off as pretty generic and fake. You know you aren’t fake, but the rest of us see the intense manner you use to show how understanding you are as unnatural and just plain unusual.

Scorpio – Domination Declarations

Aggressive demands and requirements seem to be your go-to when using Tinder, whether you realize you are doing it or not. Others see this behavior as very intimidating and, quite frankly, exhausting. Tone down a little if you expect to score a hot date.

Sagittarius – Too Free-spirited for Your Good

Adventure is one thing, but when it teams up with mystery, potential suitors tend to be anything but intrigued. Your happy, free-spirited nature can often make others feel that you are merely too aloof for their attention.

Capricorn – TMI is Your Downfall

Capricorns aren’t one to waste time, but that in-your-face approach can be very overwhelming. You are always telling others WAY too much in hopes of getting down to brass tacks quickly because you value not losing time but other Tinder users may not feel the same way.

Aquarius – Your Mystery is Killing Us

Way too much mystery and leaving people guessing may be fun for you but, on Tinder, it’s just plain confusing and super frustrating. Stop with the guessing games already; it’s not fun anymore!

Pisces – Way Too Into Pleasing Others

Pisces-born folks love to please others but doing so too much feels quite smothering. It would be wise NOT to offer up a barrage of pleasing ideas on a silver platter every chance you get. Onlookers on Tinder see it as being insecure and way too needy.

If you are into Tinder and the scene that comes with it, take the time to consider your astrological traits and how they impact your behavior. It will be helpful.

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