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What Happens When A Man Falls (And Stays) In Love

Here’s what it feels like to a man when he first falls in love with a woman. He feels happy. His happiness flows naturally from expectations of something wonderful in his future. He feels more connected with the world, even when she’s not around. His mind is compartmentalized, so he sometimes gets so engrossed in […]

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MEDITATION: a Subtle, Barely Perceptible Stream

Our Mind is one of the most sophisticated, most complicated instruments in the world. In this modern, rushing world, however, the Mind is bombarded with information to the extent that it virtually overflows. On those occasions the amounts of unprocessed information whirl in the Mind so fast that we are sometimes afraid of going mad. 

All the unprocessed information demands our attention, naturally, every single idea may appear to be very important for us. Our body reacts to the rushing stream of our thoughts, and sometime we fall ill because of the stress caused by our overburdened Mind. Is there anything that we may do to alleviate the burden of our Mind, is there a medicine to treat the problem?

Naturally, the remedy exists, and its name is Meditation. A good night’s sleep in itself has long been insufficient for our Mind to rest. At night our body sleeps, but the our Mind continues to rush. The enormous amounts of information absorbed during the day are processed by our Mind at night. It is done with the help of dreaming. Thus, by the time our Mind has finished processing the information, our body is awake again, and a new day, full of stimuli begins. Our Mind therefore does not have its due share of rest, and it is soon overburdened. All this leads to a stressful life, and our body may eventually become ill.
We have to consciously find the time for our Mind to have some relaxation and to have an opportunity to shake out all that useless information. We must therefore find the place for meditation in our daily timetable. During meditation, the Mind rearranges itself, it is refreshed and revitalized and rejuvenated.

Meditation is a subtle, barely perceptible stream, in which you will experience a radical shift of the center of gravity. The manifestation, limited in time and space, thick and heavy, that you have formerly regarded as yourself, changes into a weightless but ubiquitous point without limits and dimensions. The massive creature, bound to the earth that used to be you, is now free from its bonds and begins to soar. That is what happens when you occupy the timeless time and space-less space of the Contemplating Presence, which is eternally in the Here and Now.

We must apply this medicine, this treatment called meditation every day in order to preserve the balance of our Mind, and to save it from becoming overburdened again. How should we use the medicine?

Every day, we must withdraw from the world for half an hour or an hour, we need to be completely alone. We need to consciously and completely empty our Mind, so that no thought, no emotion, no memory remains in it. All we need to do is be alert, that is the essence of meditation. If we perform that every day, our Mind ceases to be overburdened, it is refreshed, recharged with energy and regains its balance. Free space emerges in our Mind, giving way to the free roaming of our Consciousness.

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34 Real Thoughts Every Sleep-Deprived Mom Can Relate to

34 Real Thoughts Every Sleep-Deprived Mom Can Relate to

Every new parent has been there – learning to function without sleep. Even if you were a pro at it in college, it’s now a completely different experience of feeling partially numb for an amazing reason. And if you thought you’d stop doing stupid things once you gave birth and the pregnancy brain was over, think again! Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, every new mom can relate to these partially unpleasant thoughts that sneak up when you’re woken up every hour on the hour and start to feel like a milk machine. But thank goodness for Amy Poehler, who can make us laugh at anything – even at our utter sleepless desperation!

  1. Is my baby just a cruel and unusual torture device?
  2. I think she’s laughing at me now.
  3. I swear, if one more person asks me why I look so tired . . .

  1. How many more cups of coffee can I have before my blood becomes purely cold brew?
  2. Why didn’t I appreciate all the sleep that I used to get?
  3. If I just slowly put him in the crib and tiptoe out, he’ll never know!

  1. I’m so tired, I almost feel drunk – is that even possible?
  2. Is my face numb?
  3. Is my child broken? Did I break her?

  1. This baby has been up as long as I have, so why isn’t he just as tired?
  2. Does it make me a bad mom for wanting to drop them off and then go right back to bed?
  3. Would it be inappropriate to put my husband in timeout?

  1. I’m starting to visualize my life one nap at a time.
  2. I just need to eat my feelings in order to feel better.
  3. And to think, there was a time I thought that cry was cute.

  1. Is this what the rest of my life is going to be?
  2. Why aren’t other moms struggling as much as I am?
  3. And to think, I really loved that glider when I first bought it.

  1. Why is nobody understanding me right now? Am I speaking a different language?
  2. How did I pull those all-nighters in college?
  3. That’s it. Anyone who asks to see the baby when they know she’s sleeping has officially lost their mind.

When was the last time I showered? Or put on a bra . . . ?
  2. Thank god for Instagram at 2 a.m.
  3. Am I the worst mom ever for wanting a night to myself?

  1. If I could sleep through the tears, my life would be so much better right now.
  2. Why did I just think that? I’m actually the world’s worst mom!
  3. Did I really just put breast milk in my coffee?!

  1. Do baby whisperers exist and where can I hire one?
  2. This is definitely the strongest form of birth control I’ve ever had.
  3. Did she really just have the audacity to ask if my baby is sleeping through the night yet?

  1. Was there ever a time that nights were for sleeping?
  2. When did the thought of sleep become such a big turn-on?
Now I understand that whole bourbon-in-the-baby-bottle thing.
  4. If anyone has a suggestion on how to get him to fall asleep, I’ll take it.



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