How each Zodiac sign expresses sadness



Aries tends to be impulsive and when they get worked up, they lash out in a blind rage. They tend to be adversarial.


Taurus tends to become isolated and depressed, opting for comfort vices instead of pragmatism. They tend to lack patience and are easy to anger.


Gemini overthinks problems, withdraws, and chooses not to deal instead of focusing on problems. They succumb to sadness easily.


Unsurprisingly, Cancers get emotional and needy after significant events in their lives. They tend to separate from the world around them when they’re feeling especially bad.


Leo puts their stress on display for the entire world. Their sadness and anger tends to be shown off to everyone. If unchecked, they can act like martyrs about every little thing.


Virgo becomes compulsive and unresponsive in the face of sadness. When angered, they are blunt, cruel and oppositional to everything.


Libra swallows all their anger and sadness and mostly makes pretend that nothing is wrong. This is, of course a disaster in the making as when they do finally open up about what’s bothering them, they cause damage to relationships.


Scorpio is hell on wheels when experiencing negative emotions. They become extremely hostile when angry and isolated when sad. They can swing between emotions violently.


Sagittarius is prone to severe depression when even just moderately sad. They become lethargic and are prone to substance abuse.


Capricorn overthinks their problems and, when the problems are too large, they become unmotivated and hopeless. They need tons of willpower to lift themselves out of a funk.


When uneasy, Aquarius clams up. They tend to detach from the world around them but still pretend to be happy.


Pisces is an obsessive thinker when problems arise. They remember every bad little thing that’s ever happened to them and allow resentment to bubble up. They can be anxious and tend to be very empathic.

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Goodhealthify is a great platform to share ideas to positively impact your heart, mind, body and soul. Start sharing now...


Goodhealthify is a great platform to share ideas to positively impact your heart, mind, body and soul. Start sharing now...

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