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What You Need to Know When You’re Considering a Big, Scary Change

Man dreaming

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” ~Nelson Mandela

Ten months ago I found myself floating on my back in an outdoor pool somewhere in California. Overhead was a clear blue sky, leaves dancing in the breeze, and …

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Why Self-Help Shouldn’t Be About Trying to “Fix” Yourself

Why Self-Help Shouldn’t Be About Trying to “Fix” Yourself

Not Broken

“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.” ~Steve Maraboli

The other day I had some time to kill before a meeting, so I decided to go to one of my favorite …

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6 Ways Heartache Pain and Loss Can Make You Better

6 Ways Heartache Pain and Loss Can Make You Better

Not long ago my Mom passed.  Unexpectedly, 2 short weeks later,  my younger brother joined her.  Bereft,  I was suddenly adrift, my moorings gone.  How to belong in a world with mother and brother sized holes?  Sleepless, I walked, and walked. Or, crashed for 8, 10, 12 hours. Grief morphed into guilt, anger, cynicism, bewilderment. Socially inept, I lay low.  In my brother’s flannel shirt, I curled under Mom’s soft brown throw and convulsed with tears.  Each salt trail marked a sacred path, a new road named “Goodbye.” Buy an “Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt! I moved furniture, rearranged with neurotic

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My Dearest Friend, Pain

You know me all too well,
been together through the toughest times.
You’ve shown up unexpectedly,
repeatedly, we’re partners in crime. .
What should I do with your teachings?
What would I be without those mental beatings?
You’ve woke me up at night,
just out of malice, just to pick a fight.
I’ve yelled at you to go away,
but you’ve stayed at my side the whole time.
One thing I should say,
you’ve always been upfront, always trying.
There one minute, gone the next,
what am I to do, wait around thinking; “what’s next?”
You’re friends with so many people,
how did you become so popular?
You come up in conversations often,
we talk about you like you’re a bloody blockbuster.
But I have to admit we’ve been through a lot,
what’s your next move, what’s the plot?
Can you not give me sign?
Give me a sense of things to come?
You’re constantly reminding me,
of things left unsaid, left undone.
Is this what our relationship is to you?
A constant thorn of what we’ve been through?
The change…
I’m sorry to say I must let you go,
this isn’t a game, this isn’t a show.
I’m powerfully consistent, persistent,
insistent of my convictions.
You’re probably one of the worst
roommates I’ve ever had to live with.
Be gone I say, don’t you come back,
you cannot ask me to cut you some slack.
Your control over me has lost its appeal,
you lie, you cheat, there’s nothing left for you to steal.
No more mister nice guy,
you’ll get nothing out of me.
Try to save face, try it and see,
I’ve beat you before, I’m finally free.
I sense you’ve weakened since you started this game,
you should be afraid, you’re attempts are lame.
Give up already, you’ve lost the battle,
everything you say now sounds like psychobabble.
Whenever you’re around I feel like laughing,
here’s a toast to you, I’ll have whatever you’re having.
Actually, let’s toast to my freedom, just beware,
come around me again, and fists will flare.
So goodbye pain, feel free to keep clear,
If you don’t tables will turn, it’s me you’ll fear.

Martin R. Lemieux


Your Body Isn’t Perfect – Neither is Mine, Judging Isn’t the Answer!

 We as humans have a strong tendency to judge each other’s differences. There are all types of people in the world, but most important of all, we each carry the same stuff inside. If you’re that perfect, cast out the 1st stone and see who judges you for once.

There’s no such thing (as told in the media) as a perfect body, perfect looks, perfect mind, or perfect personality. When you think about the body, it contains; bacteria, toxins, acid in the stomach, and other nasty stuff. All of which are not considered “beautiful”. As a person who’s body has been against me since I was born, I truly understand what beauty really means.

Not matter your body type, looks, height, weight, colour, are all perfect inside. I know this because we all have the ability to love. Some love more than others, some less than you, but all with the capacity for compassion.

When you judge someone on their looks, you know what you’re really saying? You haven’t learned enough in life to realize you’re the one that might have the problem, not the person you’re judging.

“Perhaps, if you weren’t so busy regarding my shortcomings, you’d find that I do possess redeeming qualities, discreet as they may be.  I notice when the sky is blue.  I smile down at children.  I laugh at any innocent attempt at humor.  I quietly carry the burdens of others as though they were my own.  And I say ‘I’m sorry’ when you don’t.  I am not without fault, but I am not without goodness either.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Judging Someone Won’t Make Things Better:

All too many people go around hating others for what they; wear, their appearance, the way they walk, talk, colour their hair, shoes they wear, piercings, and tattoos. Their indifference towards people is so shocking, it speaks truth about them. They too are on a constant mental mission, battling their own daemons from within.

If you find yourself constantly needing to make fun of others, I dare you to ask a stranger to tell you what they think of you. Careful now, you might not like what they say, don’t get angry, this is just your own medicine coming back to bite you. I’m sure you don’t have the courage to ask someone, because deep down you’re afraid of what people might say, which makes it easier to belittle another soul as to have power over them and to ensure they don’t judge you accordingly.

I don’t get angry when people judge me, I feel sorry for them since I know in my heart, deep down they are insecure about themselves, which is why they deem it necessary to make fun of my life, who I am, but the truth is they didn’t have the right in the first place. Knowing this allows me to smile and say to them; “I’m sorry you feel so badly towards yourself, I can help you with this if you let me.”

“I would never disrespect any man, woman, chick or child out there. We’re all the same. What goes around comes around, and karma kicks us all in the butt in the end of the day.”– Angie Stone

Before You Say Anything, Be Mindful of Your Thoughts:

(Before you hate, delegate your actions!)

Bad habits can be broken, but it takes determination and the willingness to change. To be a good person takes more courage, than to be the opposite. Have the courage to stand up for people, especially those who are bullied and made fun of because of their appearance, you might just realize that from that one act of kindness, you may have made a best friend for life.

The moment you think of something to say to someone that might humiliate them, think about what you’re about to say. Think to yourself, why am I doing this? Who is this benefiting? Will my actions help or hurt this person’s life? Do I have a right to destroy this person’s feelings? If you can honestly go through with it (hating them publicly) and make fun of that person after truthfully answering those questions, you should seek professional help, or spiritual help.

Our souls are beautiful, when you act against your loving nature, something happens inside. A chemical imbalance begins to form, you’re being starts to hurt, and your mind goes to war, your heart screams for forgiveness. Denying your soul the right to be true as intended sends you down a path of hate, which in many cases can be very difficult to climb out of.

“I have to be careful because there is something destructive within me, I think, and I can have a tendency to just search for the kicks. I can’t really get too close to someone who’s too destructive, or too dark, because then I might go down the rabbit hole myself.”– Alexander Skarsgard

Are Your Friends Influencing Your Decisions?

I understand that sometimes we do things because we see our friends do the same. Hanging out with; negative, judgmental, hateful, or outspoken people can influence your thoughts more than you know. Having these people as friends changes you; it controls your actions in ways that will harm others. Haters hate, compassionate people attract compassion, lovers attract loving people, etc.

If you know deep down you don’t like who you’ve become, change the people that influence you. The mental battle within is only going to get worse, deep down, you know this to be true. Truth can set you free. Is dropping your friends easy to do? I’m not going to fluff it for you, no absolutely not, but I live by a saying that’s helped me with this process:

“Either you change with me, or you lose me to change!”– Martin R. Lemieux

When you let good feelings and compassion back in, you’ll notice the people you attract will be at the same vibration level and think as you do. You’ll also notice; food tastes better, you will smile more, you’re relationships will have deeper meaning and you will no longer have the need to make fun of others.

Forgive yourself for your actions, ask for forgiveness, move on, and be true as you were meant to be.


Martin R. Lemieux


Cutting the Spiritual Energy Cord – Relationship Releases

In all relationships, there’s the physical, the mental aspects and the spiritual side of things. No matter what kind of relationship in your life, all three (physical, mental, and spiritual) are always present. A person, who’s left your life, has started this three stage process.
These stages are crucial for you to; move on, let go, not get hurt, prevent you from being hurt further, or just a way to break free of the strangle hold they have on you.
It is scientifically proven that energy bonds are made in all relationships. This relieves all the nay-sayers who don’t think this stuff exists. Please do your research, before you brush this topic off as false.
When you’re emotionally connected and investing in someone, all of your energies combine. Depending on the level of the relationship, this bond can be extremely strong and stay with you for your entire life.

The key to breaking the bond between you both is to follow these steps:

1) Physical:

The physical break is the easiest to do. By simply not seeing each other breaks this tie together and prevents new types of energy sharing between the two of you (above and beyond already transferred and shared).
Other connections also affect this stage, for example, if you just broke up with your ex, the friendships you made together can go both ways. Some may be on your side, others might not. Determining which ones to trust is very tricky and very important not to cause drama. The best thing for you is to only speak to your most trusted friend. The less people involved in your recovery, the less drama it will cause.


2) Mental:

The mental game is a hard one to let go, I wrote an article that will help you with this stage titled: “Emotional Release, Things to Expect.” Please read this article once you’ve finished cutting the cord. Even after you cut the cord, it still takes effort to break or “release” the mental, emotional bond that the heart needs to take time to mend.
3) Spiritual:
Surprisingly this stage can be the easiest and most effective to help with the release process. Each time you make a connection with someone, there’s an exchange of the spirit, the energy bond. This bond is a two-way stream of; giving and receiving energy.
3.1) Abusive Relationships – Spiritual Attack of the Soul:
In most abusive relationships, this energy bond is destructive to the person on the receiving end because the energy flow is mainly a one way street. The “abuser” is not only draining you of energy, but sending you negative energy to break down your spirit. This process empowers the abuser and weakens the abused.
An abusive relationship MUST be cut from the spiritual side, a person who has done you harm; physically, mentally, and spiritually can continue to attack you long after they are gone. I’ve seen this 1st hand what affects this has on a person’s psyche.
I’m sure for some of you, the statement from above just hit home. Many of you have probably wondered why your abuser has been in your thoughts, feelings, and nightmares. They still have a bond with you, even after they are gone. That is why it’s so imperative that you cut this nasty cord for good.
3.2) Family, Friends, & Normal Relationships – Negative Energy Takers:
In every person’s journey, at one point or another we all come across a family member or friend we must let go of, for all sorts of reasons. Naming those reasons isn’t really relevant, but the process is just as hard as letting go of an abusive relationship.
Although it might be a lot harder to cut the spiritual cord consciously, it’s necessary to help mend your mind and soul, which also helps to build a new bond, a fresh start later on when you’re ready.
Cutting the spiritual cord doesn’t mean it cannot be re-attached, in fact, sometimes cutting the cord allows two people to start fresh, start over and helps one or the other to finally see things clearly.
Now that we’ve cleared up the “what” this cord does and means, let’s get onto the “how” to.


A) Must be done out of love, no exceptions. Cutting the cord out of hate might help to only strengthen it, giving you a false representation of what’s actually being done. Remember you’re doing this out of love for; yourself and the other to move on safely.
B) When cutting the cord, make sure you’re in your most calming, relaxed space, the one place you can go to unwind and be alone for a few minutes. A certain room, outside near a tree, a park, your car, or even your bathroom if you have to.
C) It takes a certain amount of visualization for this process. I like to meditate for a few minutes to calm the mind and help prepare my spiritual shield and energy. If you have problems visualizing in your mind, get a photo of the person to help enhance your connection.
D) Now visualize an energy cord that connects from you to the other person. In most cases, it’s tied to your belly like an umbilical cord, but NOT always, so make sure you see where the cord is attached to. Some people might have it connected to; the mind, the heart, the belly, or other. If you cannot see where it’s attached, imagine then – that’s it’s attached to your belly.
E) While visualizing, you must remember to do this out of love. See the person about 5-9 feet in front of you, the cord is attached to the same place for both of you, now visualize a sharp object and slice through the energy cord. Do this three separate times; see the cord again and again cutting the cord.
F) For the last time you see the cord, imagine your heart sending a pink energy to the other person’s cut end and send the pink love energy to the tip of their cord to close and mend it.
G) Once complete, look at the person and see them leaving the room (KEY). Our souls can hang on without the cord, especially in long-term relationships that have gone through a great deal.
H) Make sure the person leaves the room, you might have to mentally force them to leave, even ask them to please leave.
I) Once the person has left, imagine the sun sending you a colourful energy beam to your heart which will mend your heart, don’t stop there if possible, imagine the sun beam to engulf your entire body, physically turn your head towards the sun to take it on directly.
J) Smile before opening your eyes as to say goodbye to that person and slowly open your eyes.
It’s not uncommon to have a sudden rush of emotions after this process, please let the emotions run through you, do not block them. Those emotions are all the emotions the two of you had connected with each other. If you feel like crying, do not stop. If you feel rage, yell at the wall as loud as you can to let it all out.
Make sure to re-hydrate your energy afterwards, drink an entire freezing cold glass of water. Water is the best conduit for your body’s energy flow (proven fact). This process can be draining and it’s important to drink lots of water, listen to your body. If you’re hungry, eat something healthy and satisfying.
You’ve now learned the process to cut the spiritual cord with a person to truly let them go out of your life, OR to re-build a new cord to help a fresh new journey together.
I wish you all the best!

Martin R. Lemieux



I go without fear.I go without ego.My past is no longer in power.My past is no longer in control.When we move, when we think,we are moving towards ourselves.Our knowledge is there,our thoughts are all one.Our being is aware,our seeing is beyond.I do no…


Adversity Beaten – POEM:

Adversity - Lion in Men!
ALIVE • COSMOSYS XI • by Martin Grohs

Why is it always my misfortune,
that you become my trial, my disaster?

Is it my bad luck, my trouble,
should I confess my sins before a pastor?

I’ve had some difficulty with this,
I’m a tragedy, a shock to the system.

It was no accident, a setback in life,
there’s no tribulations within my prison.

Within the time of my own; calamity,
pain, trauma, torture, I will be set free.

With this shock, a minor setback,
with this sorrow, fueling misery.

My heartbreak, suffering checked out,
my affliction, brings out the boy-scout.

My roar be heard loud and clear,
the misadventures, hardships and doubts.

Let bad luck reverse this real tragedy,
let karma cross out, this is a knock-out.

I remove my burden from those I love,
the troubles, the woe, just let it be known.

I should be upset to the blow to my jaw,
I use reversal of fortune, i’m in the zone.

This crisis started as a catastrophe,
by turning the tables, my will overcomes.

The vicissitude has lost this one mishap,
this is not my buffet, I will not be overrun.

In the hardest of times, people take flight,
bound to their pain, their rush, their escape!

Not me I said, not my will, nor my might!
I will defeat hard times with merely a scrape!

Not a bone, nor a muscle, is without trouble,
the difficulty tested, mishap faltered.

The wretchedness of my prison, bars be broken,
my minds inner strength, neither beaten or altered.

“What ill luck,” people will typically say,
“what ill luck?” I say back, what sad reality.

Their minds unaware, their stress is not unfound,
for I never waiver, it’s in my spirituality.

I say onto you, thinking this hell on earth,
be different, think different, love different.

Let the law of the universe guide your birth,
let other see you set fire in your commitment.

Let the distress of your disaster wash away,
for nothing is permanent, nothing ever dies anyway.

Adversity broken.

Peace and love;
Martin R. Lemieux

Blog: http://myspiritualjournals.blogspot.ca/
FB Profile: https://www.facebook.com/martin.lemieux
Spiritual Warrior’s Page: http://fb.com/Spiritual.Warriors.Journal

Martin R. Lemieux
An Invitation To Confront Your Fears Once And For All

An Invitation To Confront Your Fears Once And For All

Tell me, darling. What are you afraid of? For many people the obvious answers would be spiders, snakes and dark alleys. Let’s face it: these are things that we can avoid in most cases. In fact, we often make jokes about these types of fears because we see them as common amongst the human race. […]

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