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How To Supercharge Your Memory Like The Ancient Greeks Did

How to supercharge your memory? Scanning the brains of 23 “world memory champions”, neuroscientists try to discover what makes these super minds work. This benefits the average person, in that these findings will be used to supercharge their memories, improving life for others. An online scientific journal, Neuron, published this study. Where it all started Using […]

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THIS Is What The Date That You Are Born Says About Your Life!

THIS Is What The Date That You Are Born Says About Your Life!

Scientists and statisticians have found that the date that you are born affects everything from chosen career to attitude. For instance, babies born in July are generally more optimistic through life. They’re also more likely to have vision problems. Let’s explore more… The date that you are born affects your life “It seems absurd the […]

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5 Ways to Manage Your Anger

5 Ways to Manage Your Anger

Often, on social occasions when you have to face people with contradictory beliefs to yours, the most demanding part of communication is to manage the anger that these occasions may cause, and move through it in order to have a productive discussion. The Mayo Clinic, who deals with such issues, explains the necessity of anger […]

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3 steps to form a new habit

3 Steps to Form a New Habit

Despite how hard won some personal habits feel, it can be surprisingly easy to acquire new ones. First, let’s define “habit” as a behavior pattern established by frequent repetition that shows up regularly and, often, involuntarily.  We all have them, the mindless glance at a smartphone when it alerts, or turning on TV right after supper, habits we’d like to change. Buy an “Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt!    So, let’s dissect a habit. There are 3 components:  1-a “cue”, or trigger that tells your brain to go into autopilot and engage the behavior; 2– a “routine” which is the behavior

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Five selfish reasons to do good

Five Selfish Reasons to Do Good

Have you ever noticed that people who engage in volunteer work seem super happy – maybe even obnoxiously so? Well, according to science, they actually do have plenty to smile about. Doing a good deed helps not only the beneficiary, but the humanitarian as well. Here are five reasons why engaging in service work can benefit us all: Buy an “Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt! Altruism Boosts Your Mental Health BMC Public Health analyzed a myriad of studies and found that volunteering mitigated depression, increased life satisfaction, and had an overall positive effect on the study participants’ sense of well-being. This

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MEDITATION: a Subtle, Barely Perceptible Stream

Our Mind is one of the most sophisticated, most complicated instruments in the world. In this modern, rushing world, however, the Mind is bombarded with information to the extent that it virtually overflows. On those occasions the amounts of unprocessed information whirl in the Mind so fast that we are sometimes afraid of going mad. 

All the unprocessed information demands our attention, naturally, every single idea may appear to be very important for us. Our body reacts to the rushing stream of our thoughts, and sometime we fall ill because of the stress caused by our overburdened Mind. Is there anything that we may do to alleviate the burden of our Mind, is there a medicine to treat the problem?

Naturally, the remedy exists, and its name is Meditation. A good night’s sleep in itself has long been insufficient for our Mind to rest. At night our body sleeps, but the our Mind continues to rush. The enormous amounts of information absorbed during the day are processed by our Mind at night. It is done with the help of dreaming. Thus, by the time our Mind has finished processing the information, our body is awake again, and a new day, full of stimuli begins. Our Mind therefore does not have its due share of rest, and it is soon overburdened. All this leads to a stressful life, and our body may eventually become ill.
We have to consciously find the time for our Mind to have some relaxation and to have an opportunity to shake out all that useless information. We must therefore find the place for meditation in our daily timetable. During meditation, the Mind rearranges itself, it is refreshed and revitalized and rejuvenated.

Meditation is a subtle, barely perceptible stream, in which you will experience a radical shift of the center of gravity. The manifestation, limited in time and space, thick and heavy, that you have formerly regarded as yourself, changes into a weightless but ubiquitous point without limits and dimensions. The massive creature, bound to the earth that used to be you, is now free from its bonds and begins to soar. That is what happens when you occupy the timeless time and space-less space of the Contemplating Presence, which is eternally in the Here and Now.

We must apply this medicine, this treatment called meditation every day in order to preserve the balance of our Mind, and to save it from becoming overburdened again. How should we use the medicine?

Every day, we must withdraw from the world for half an hour or an hour, we need to be completely alone. We need to consciously and completely empty our Mind, so that no thought, no emotion, no memory remains in it. All we need to do is be alert, that is the essence of meditation. If we perform that every day, our Mind ceases to be overburdened, it is refreshed, recharged with energy and regains its balance. Free space emerges in our Mind, giving way to the free roaming of our Consciousness.

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