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7-Signs-You-Are-Receiving-Cosmic-Information-That-You-Shouldn’t-Ignore.-Especially #5

7 Signs You Are Receiving Cosmic Information That You Shouldn’t Ignore. Especially #5!

Your brain is not only a producer of thoughts, but a receiver too. Depending on what you tune it into, it will receive such information. Cosmic information is all around us. We are, in…

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The Spiritual Meaning of Anxiety and Depression Disorders

The Spiritual Meaning of Anxiety and Depression Disorders

I’m only truly awakened by the spiritual meaning of anxiety and depression. It’s the depth of this tragedy and the method of this madness that ultimately soothes me. Sometimes I find myself lost in a haze, a faded version of reality. I feel high, stoned and inebriated when I am cold sober. Here, in this […]

Have you ever felt that your psychological age may exceed your chronological age?

10 Signs That Your Psychological Age Is Greater Than Your Chronological Age

Have you ever felt that your psychological age may exceed your chronological age? People are often drawn to those who seem ‘wise beyond their years.’ There is something majestic about old souls who were seemingly born with a wealth of life experience. It’s normal to turn to such people for advice or solace, believing they […]

6 Ways Heartache Pain and Loss Can Make You Better

6 Ways Heartache Pain and Loss Can Make You Better

Not long ago my Mom passed.  Unexpectedly, 2 short weeks later,  my younger brother joined her.  Bereft,  I was suddenly adrift, my moorings gone.  How to belong in a world with mother and brother sized holes?  Sleepless, I walked, and walked. Or, crashed for 8, 10, 12 hours. Grief morphed into guilt, anger, cynicism, bewilderment. Socially inept, I lay low.  In my brother’s flannel shirt, I curled under Mom’s soft brown throw and convulsed with tears.  Each salt trail marked a sacred path, a new road named “Goodbye.” Buy an “Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt! I moved furniture, rearranged with neurotic

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7 Amazing Experiences in the Moment of Spiritual Awakening

What does it mean to be “awake”?

It has happened to all of us that we came under the spell of a moment some time during our life. A beautiful landscape, a sunset, a beautiful piece of art, the rhythm of music enchanted us. It may even happen that we are just lost in the silence of a peaceful moment. 

The identification with the forms and shapes loosens a little bit for a short while, and in that instant we may experience an entirely different state of Consciousness

These are the 7 experiences in the moment of spiritual Awakening:

  1. When our identification with a form ceases, a new space is generated between us and the form and we are able to see and recognize that we are not identical with that form.
  2. We virtually step out of the psychological time frame, we stop mulling over injuries of the past, and do not build our identity for the future. 
  3. The Ego disappears, telling personal history stops, and the line of our accustomed identity is broken. 
  4. We are awake, only the present moment exists for us. Our soul is permeated by the quiet of the Miracle, that is, the Consciousness and the joy of the Existence
  5. We are free and independent of the forms and shapes and of the necessity of choosing from them. All our suffering and problems have vanished, we are surrounded by peace and tranquility. 
  6. There is only the pure existence, we are eyewitnesses, contemplating the dance of forms and shapes around us. We do not identify with anything, we are a Consciousness free of the obligation to make choices. 
  7. We accept life as it is, and it is not done under pressure, since that acceptance is the result of our complete freedom.

 In that state of Consciousness an entirely new dimension of existence opens up for us, showing us Existence from a completely new perspective. The unity behind the controversies is revealed in front of our eyes, and we no longer insist on looking on the sunny side of life, as we are able to discover beauty on the dark side, too.
Everything will be quiet and peaceful in us. We are beyond all good and evil, we are a mere Consciousness that does not analyze or judge, only contemplates. We realize that the same contemplating spirit lives in everybody, so the differences between human beings are only superficial, and deep inside we are all the same. Experiencing that unity will bring us the ecstasy of Life, the perfect joy of Existence.

(C) Frank M. Wanderer, 2013-2016
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12 Little Known Laws of Karma That Will Change Your Life

TrulyMind Waking Times What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able…


My Spiritual Path – When It Started.

“Your spiritual path isn’t just something you find, you started this path the moment you took your first breath. Ever since then, you’ve been getting closer and closer to remembering who you truly are!” — Martin R. Lemieux

“The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge. ”  — Albert Einstein



I go without fear.I go without ego.My past is no longer in power.My past is no longer in control.When we move, when we think,we are moving towards ourselves.Our knowledge is there,our thoughts are all one.Our being is aware,our seeing is beyond.I do no…


You either choose to help others, or you don’t choose to help others… THERE IS NO IN-BETWEEN!

I want to tell you a PROFOUND STORY that I’ve barely told anyone. Many years back in Hamilton, ON – the place I reside in. Each year they hold a gathering festival at the pier. Every year there’s; booths, food, trinkets and live music.

This one year after hearing a great Canadian band called “The Tea Party”, I was walking with some friends down the grass hill when I saw a large group of strangers hovering over something happening.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I too like many others hurried to see what all the commotion was all about, come to find out that people were watching 6 guys absolutely pound on some young teenager on the ground that you couldn’t even recognize anymore.

The Lion in my instantaneously yelled “hey, what in the world are you doing!” and ran up to those individuals harming the teenager and one by one started throwing them off him.

I didn’t care to be a hero, I wasn’t scared for my life since they could have turned onto me next, but it was the right thing to do.

Once they all cleared in a hurry, I knelt down and seeing this poor kids face, hardly could recognize what he looked at, I placed my hands on his face to stop the bleeding and kept saying to him, “It’s going to be alright, you’re going to be just fine. Listen to my voice; you’re going to be just fine.”

The paramedics showed up and said “weren’t you afraid of getting hurt?”, “I said no!”, then they said “What about diseases like AIDS touching his blood”, I replied, “If saving a man’s life has consequences, then so be it, I’m ready to deal with those consequences”.

The hardest part for me was that when I got up, I saw a man with his 7-9 year old child watching the whole thing happen.

I immediately went to the man and said, “Is this what you’re trying to teach your son? To just stand there and watch?”… The man replied “what is it to you?”… “I held up my bloody hands and started veering towards his son, not to hurt him, but so that he understood that this was wrong, someone just got hurt”… The man quickly felt fear in his eyes and understood my message and turned the other way to leave without saying a word.

In life, when presented with moments like these, you have two choices, you can either watch someone get hurt, or you can be the better person and help others so they don’t get hurt.

It’s your choice!

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Martin R. Lemieux


Human Relationship Paradigm Shift – My Profound Experience!!!

What I’m about to share with you is something so profound, even I’m still trying to figure out how to describe what I; felt, saw, experienced, and what it will do for mankind as we know it. Human experience is everything, aside from experiencing life, human relationships amongst one another is so profound, it will literally shapes who you are, which also shapes who you become as a person later in life, and the choices you make in your existence.

The other night as I sat here, speaking to friends and people online, I had an experience which has ultimately changed the way I looked at human relationships forever, but the kicker is that this experience was literally shared with millions of other people at the very same time.

For the skeptics out there, this is your opportunity to leave and find someone else to bother, since that’s what you do best. Thanks for coming, see you never. Now that I got that out, how about we get into what actually happened…

The Emotional Weight – The Unbearable Truth:

As I sat here, I had just finished helping someone counseling them with their marriage, when it started to hit me. My body started to warm up like a tea kettle, I was dripping with sweat within minutes. No, this wasn’t a panic attack, trust me I know the difference. Every possible human emotion one can have was suddenly filling my heart. The weight of this sensation was so euphoric, I barely have words to describe it. I will do my best to try to detail that moment in time, so that others can understand the changes within all us.

I now realize this rush of emotions was a taste to sample each emotion one at a time, but also, all together at once. This moment I was having was to ensure that if at that point in life, I hadn’t felt one or two of any human emotion available to us, I was going to sense it now and with conviction. Most of the emotions I experienced were very familiar, but some others, well I must say, I had never felt that before. I guess in each of our lifetimes, we as humans get the chance to experience probably around 85/100 of all emotions possible, but there are still those few that elude us. Not because we cannot feel them, but because we haven’t had the chance to be within that situation which triggers it within us.

But for me, in one small moment in life, I had the chance to experience every single thing any person has ever experienced as an emotion. If you’re thinking to yourself, “wow – that would be something”, you’re right it was and trust me when I tell you, it has been increasingly harder to even describe to you what it felt like, as you can just imagine.

The one thing that really caught me as strange is that each emotion I had experienced, it was connected to an emotion with another human being. That one thought changed my perspective about human emotions forever.  I mean when you think about it, our experiences in one given day is beyond this world, we think about 1000’s of thoughts a day, most of which are the same that we entertained from the previous day. But for emotions, these unique life experiences are something else entirely, they’re not only thoughts that comes from the synapse of our mind, but they also affect the body as well. They change the energy around us, and the people connected to us.

Each Emotion You Have, Directly Affects Everyone You Know:

As most of us are all aware of, we are all energy that is inner-connected to one another. What I felt the other night, all of these emotions; I could clearly see how they were affecting everyone I’ve ever known at the same time. Let me say that again, every emotion you experience in this day and that day, is also directly affecting every single person you’ve ever come into contact with; directly, or indirectly in your life.

That one realization is SO profound, the implications of the meaning is very daunting when you think about it. Every time you’re sad, someone you know is also sad for you, they also feel your sadness. Now in our time of evolution, we as humans are only starting to understand that sometimes we can sense how another person is feeling. It’s like a bell in our gut that does off that something is wrong with that person. This gut feeling isn’t an accident. It is showing us, that our connections are so strong; we are affecting everyone we know on a daily basis.

When all those emotions ran through me like a highway full of cars, I saw and sensed every person I know, have ever known, and when I did, I realized they too were feeling the same thing I was. My heart so was heavy, I couldn’t contain the love I felt. I tried to get up, my body was glued still, my hands so heavy, I couldn’t lift them from my keyboard. My head drooped down towards the floor; nothing could stop me from experiencing that moment. My eyes began tearing up, a flow of tears of such intense release was happening without me being able to do a single thing about it. Please understand that I am not a crier by nature. Crying is probably the last thing I would ever admit to anyone in public, but here I am writing about it, because it’s not my right to hold that back from this profound teaching.

Finally after what felt like an eternity, I was able to lift myself up to go to the bathroom, where once again, I couldn’t contain any of the emotions I was feeling. I had to prop myself up against the wall, holding onto a ledge to prevent myself from collapsing. I quickly came back and sat back down on my couch and once again. And once again, all the emotions ran through me like the sea pounding its waves on the shore one after another, over and over again.

This is when I thought to myself, I need to better understand what is truly happening, this moment was given to me for a reason, and If I didn’t use all my training with meditation and connecting with the universe, that it would have been a loss for all of us. This is where the story really get’s interesting.

Building my Archetype Foundation – My Meditative State:

While this experience was going on, I knew that if I was to understand this moment fully, I was going to have to use all my training combined, which ultimately meant with all the strength I could muster, I had to build my meditative archetype foundation. For those of you who don’t what an archetype foundation means, let me explain it a little.

Building your archetype foundation in a meditative state is a concept which was talked about and further explained from the late Carl Jung. Mr. Jung was a man who came up with the concept of the Jungian archetypes – Jung revised and broadened the concept of archetypes even further, conceiving of them as psycho-physical patterns existing in the universe, given specific expression by human consciousness and culture.

I know this might all seem a little too advanced for you, so let me explain this concept a little further in layman’s terms. We all have the ability to connect our spirit to a higher consciousness; we accomplish this by forming the pillars of knowledge of the universe. For me, when I meditate, I envision seven crystal pillars of knowledge. Each pillar is accompanied by an individual in my life that represents one stage of wisdom. Below I’ve outline the 7 pillars.

Archetype Foundation – 7 Pillars of Wisdom: 

(In no particular order)

1 – Seer in Time: Clairvoyant
2 – Poet: Truth Seeker
3 – Believer: Friend
4 – Protector: Parents
5 – Conduit: Children
6 – Guide: Spirit Guides
7 – Wisdom: Teacher/Master

With these 7 pillars, I am able to connect to my higher being, my vibration is increased by 10 fold instantaneously, and I can see the whole world as it is, all at once. This happens all in one thought during my meditative state. Forming this foundation takes a lot of skill, practice and understanding of you. While building your foundation, you must envision massive colorful energy beams that come from; the sun, moon, trees, water, and earth.  All of these beams are directly connect to your chakras, each one providing the energy needed to connect to each of the 7 pillars within your foundation. You must combine all that energy and send it out to each person on a pillar for the connection to be complete. Once this energy connection is accomplished, your meditative state is now deeper than ever thought possible. This crucial step was extremely important to understand my experience, since it held the key as to what happened next.

Millions of People – The Understanding of that Moment:

While still going through this massive rush of emotions, connecting to everyone I know, and while meditating to understand the implications of this wisdom, something happened that I was not expecting.

In a flash, my meditative archetype foundation showed me millions of faces all around the world, they saw me for who I was and what was happening. These individuals had also been searching for different truths in their life. They were ready to receive this knowledge. In one moment, millions of people worldwide suddenly felt every emotion I had experienced at all once. I saw them on their hands and knees also sensing and going through the exact thing I was going through, like I triggered this for them all at once.

It is one thing to have a moment that connects to you everyone you’ve ever known in one moment, and it’s entirely different to connect to millions of people you have never met in your life. But was strange about this moment, not a single person felt unfamiliar, like I had known them all my life. Have your ever met someone that you feel so connected, there’s a sense of warmth and truth about that person? Like you’ve known that person somehow, even though you just met them? I’m sure we’ve all met someone like that. These people are inner connected to our life, they are in essence a part of us, connected to our journey, and a stage of wisdom within that is to come.

Emotions Carry a Memory Imprint with them:

When I connected to these millions of familiar faces, I realized that we have many more of these “people” we meet, that feel we’ve known them all of our lives than we can even imagine, and now I know exactly why we do know them!!!

Remember previously when I said, each of our emotions we experience are also sensed by those who have known us? That whenever we feel; loneliness, sadness, hurt, love, being annoyed, etc… All of these emotions are instantaneously shared with people you know. Now we’re about to go a little further, these emotions also carry your memory imprints of how that emotion came to be.

So for example, when you have a moment of sadness, there’s an emotional imprint on that sadness of knowledge on how you experienced that sadness. This memory imprint into this emotion has now been passed along to the people you know. So in essence your experience, the wisdom of that experience is shared with those whom you know. Here’s where it gets very interesting, not only do the poeople you know now share that very same experience and wisdom, they too have instantaneously shared your emotional memory imprint with the people they’ve know in lives, and so on.

You see, the knowledge of our experiences and emotions are passed on to the entire planet almost instantaneously, everyone has now understood how you felt when you experienced that emotion, what you learned from it, and sometimes, what you still need to learn from it.

This is profound, it is now being understood around the world in ways humanity has never understood in the history of its existence!

For a long time now, scientists have been telling humans how we are all connected; energy is everywhere, connecting all things together. We are now as a species about to understand that not only do all of our actions is affect everyone, but our emotional learning experience is also teaching everyone at the same time. This is how we are changing.

The Human Shift – The Change Happening:

So many of us now know that we are changing, evolving into something better than ourselves. What I just experienced, what I just taught you, should ultimately change the way you treat every relationship and emotion from now on. Your actions on a daily basis, and emotions that come from them, are taught to the entire world instantly. Every time you’ve hurt or loved someone, those emotions and the wisdom imprints have been passed on from one, to another, to another.

We must learn from this, we MUST share this knowledge now. For if we don’t teach this knowledge and share it with everyone we know, we will have learned nothing at all. This world is desperate for change. Change of course, must come from within first, only then can you teach others. I’ve changed, oh boy trust me I’ve changed.

I leave you with this. If you’ve ever hurt someone in any way, or if someone has hurt you in any way, your wisdom of that experience stays with that person. We must move on, forgive ourselves to teaching this dreadful wisdom, we must also ask for forgiveness for giving that knowledge away, for if we don’t, humanity will continue to teach negative wisdomo each generation that passes.

Peace and love;
Martin R. Lemieux

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Martin R. Lemieux